MAN Energy Solutions are looking for skilled staff in Berlin

Who are we, and what do we do?

MAN Energy Solutions pursues a clear strategy based on our tradition, an extensive product range in the engineering sector, and the key concerns of our time: under the banner of our slogan, ‘Moving big things to zero’, we enable our customers to achieve their climate goals cost-effectively.

Moreover, we are mainly active in the ‘hard to abate’ sectors, where direct electrification does not result in success, and the use of complex engineering solutions is required. As part of this strategy for the future, we have identified a set of key technologies on which we plan to concentrate in future:

  • The maritime energy transition – avoiding emissions at sea through the use of drive systems that allow the use of hydrogen and synthetic fuels
  • Electrolysis of green hydrogen and industrial-scale power-to-X solutions, including those involving carbon capture and usage
  • Compensating for unavoidable residual emissions by carbon capture and usage/storage solutions
  • Decarbonising industrial and district heat supply systems through use of large-scale heat pumps
What are we planning in Berlin?

At its Berlin site, MAN Energy Solutions produces compressors, which are used e.g. for sustainable, efficient applications in the chemical and industrial gas sectors, but also for industrial heat pump solutions and carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCU/CCS). The radial drive compressors made in Berlin compress the CO2 in stages after it has been separated, in order to make it transportable, usable, or capable of storage. Regardless of the source of the CO2, the compression process forms the core of the CO2 value chain.

What job vacancies are we seeking to fill at the moment?

Right now, we are looking for highly motivated skilled personnel and engineers for all stages of the product life cycle – from sales and engineering to production and servicing. To find out more, take a look at the career paths and current job offers on our website.

MAN Energy Solutions: Facts and Figures

Industrial sector: Engineering
Locations: Augsburg, Berlin, Deggendorf, Hamburg, Oberhausen, Ravensburg and more than 20 countries worldwide via 100 production and sales companies 
Number of employees: 350 staff in Berlin, approx. 14,000 worldwide
Number of nations in team: 13
Company languages: German and English
Benefits: flexible working hours, 35-hour week, possibility of working from home, canteen, meals allowance, company pension plan, Christmas bonus, holiday bonus, supplement according to pay scale, staff parking facilities, VW car hire, staff discounts