Berlin: All-round medical service, guaranteed

Around 6,000 practicing physicians, 1,600 psychotherapists and 8,500 clinicians take care of the health of the people living in Berlin. Berlin’s healthcare industry is well-networked and benefits from the structure of a metropolis. Berlin has a total of 81 hospitals and more than 10,000 practicing physicians. All of Berlin’s hospitals are certified high-quality.


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More than 30,000 babies are born in 21 maternity clinics and six birth centers every year. But you will be well cared for in your old-age as well. “Outpatient before inpatient” and “rehabilitation before care” – Berlin supports initiatives for people who have special needs due to their age, a physical, mental or psychological illness, or a disability. 


Please see our guides on “Parental Leave” and “Care” for more information about Berlin’s maternity clinics, midwives, family planning assistance, as well as the contact information for Berlin’s nursing facilities and assistance with all matters relating to care.