Start-ups in Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s start-up capital. Nowhere else in Germany has as many new companies as here. Successful businesses such as Zalando, Immobilienscout24 and rebuy are just three of the many “unicorns” that the city has spawned.

A new IT firm is founded every 20 hours in Berlin – across all industries, as many as four to five Berlin start-ups are created every hour. In Berlin’s digital sector alone, one in eight new jobs is in a start-up – and this trend is rising. In total, the Berlin start-up scene has already created more than 80,000 jobs. But what is the attraction of working in a young Berlin business?

Working in a young start-up

The attraction of a job in a Berlin start-up is that you will probably get to do more than what is in the job description. Because in a newly-founded company, everyone lends a hand wherever they are needed. There are usually flat hierarchies, excellent learning potential, opportunities for rapid advancement and a focus on personal development. A great deal of motivation and commitment are required if you want to work in a start-up. Academic results usually play a secondary role in recruitment. The most important thing is that you fit in with the team. Berlin start-ups have the following specialisms:

  • Creative industries
  •  IT & software development
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Online platforms
  • Online marketplaces
  • Fintechs

Berlin is Germany’s fintech hotspot. Around 35 percent of all German fintech start-ups were founded here. This includes successful businesses such as N26, Klarna, Revolut and Smava. Begin your job search now! It will be worth your while.