The largest employers in Berlin

Größte Arbeitgeber in Berlin

Berlin is an attractive place to live and work. As a result, many companies set up at least one branch here in the capital region. And all of them are potential employers!

Berlin is one of Germany’s most important locations for industry and the service sector.You will find the largest employers in the following branches: 

Transport & mobility (service sector) in Berlin

Deutsche Bahn, along with S-Bahn Berlin, is Berlin’s largest employer. More than 20,000 Berliners work for this organization – including at its headquarters at Potsdamer Platz, at Berlin Central Station, and as part of day-to-day operations for the S-Bahn, Berlin’s commuter rail service. Around 1,100 citizens of the German capital work as train drivers for the S-Bahn.

The BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), Berlin’s local public transportation service, is also one of the capital city’s largest employers. With approximately 14,500 employees, the company ensures that more than 3.7 million Berliners and thousands of tourists always reach their destination – 365 days a year. The BVG has also been awarded the title of best traineeship company in the public transportation industry multiple times.

Healthcare in Berlin

The Charité hospital and the Vivantes Hospital Group are the second- and third-largest employers in Berlin, respectively. Together, the companies employ more than 30,000 Berliners. Additionally, the Charité university hospital is the largest of its kind in Europe and educates more than 8,000 medical students. The Vivantes Hospital Group, on the other hand, is the largest state-owned healthcare group in Germany and treats approximately one-third of all patients in Berlin.

Electronic and automotive industry in Berlin

Siemens was founded in Berlin in the 19th century, and today, all of its production facilities are located in Siemensstadt, a neighborhood in the Berlin district of Spandau. More than 11,500 Berliners work in research and manufacturing at Siemens.

With its Berlin-based Mercedes-Benz plant and sales offices at Mercedes-Benz-Platz, Daimler is another of the city’s largest employers. More than 1,400 employees work in its offices, and nearly 8,000 people are employed at the Berlin plant as software engineers, robotics technicians, HR business partners, and more. 


Every year, the best employers in Berlin and Brandenburg are honored by "Great Place to Work" - an international research and consulting institute that is active in around 60 countries. Take a look at the current award winners - potential employers in the region!

The 100 largest employers in Berlin

Other major industries – and large employers – in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region include the retail and telecommunications sectors. Examples of companies in these fields include Rewe, Edeka and Deutsche Telekom

The following list of the 100 largest employers in Berlin is based on an annual survey of the largest companies in the city – initiated by the IHK Berlin (Chamber of Commerce & Industry Berlin).