New job, new city, new apartment – now all you need is a new circle of friends. The first connections are usually made with new coworkers, but there are many other great opportunities. 

The best way to meet new people is through activities. Look for a sports club or sign up for a course at VHS (Volkshochschule Berlin), for instance. A language course, for example. Or search an Internet portal for like-minded people that either share the same interests or have an identical language background. In Berlin, many groups get together on any given day.­ 

For those who have moved from another country to Berlin, there is a selection of regular and irregular round tables in everyone’s native language – many native speaker clubs also organize cultural events in their respective language. Learning German with a tandem partner is also a great way to make connections. Whatever you care most about, have the heart to act on it! Get out, do something and be sociable.


Take advantage of the “Give Something Back to Berlin” offers – it’s an urban integration platform with the aim of strengthening social cohesion in Berlin! There you will find great projects for newcomers to Berlin on a voluntary basis. All offers are developed in close cooperation with social organizations in Berlin and creative groups.