Sustainable companies in Berlin and Brandenburg

There are lots of businesses in the capital region which promote the subject of sustainability, in view of social, ecological and economical aspects. As a job seeker in Berlin, for example, you have the possibility to work for small and medium-sized businesses that develop sustainable products, technologies or services and therefore improve the quality of the environment.

Or you may want to find employment in which humane working conditions are supported through fair-trade products. Across all sectors you will find jobs in communication, marketing, social media, community, product and content management, distribution, sales, controlling, business development and software development which are aligned with these guiding principles.

Our tip:

Do you already know the job portal baito? baito only lists jobs in companies that comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Particular sectors are even more specialised: especially in the field of renewable energy, electromobility, green IT, clean tech, building technology, finances and insurance, there is the need for talented individuals with backgrounds in engineering, computer science and technology. Anyone who hasn’t decided on their specialism during their studies or training is still able to change it: entering into the world of sustainable employment is possible by means of further training.

You can also advance and impart knowledge about the environment and society. Alongside public research institutions conducting research into ecology, sustainability and climate change, there are also private institutes and strategic agencies that carry out scientific analyses and advise businesses and politicians.

As a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or Environment Consultant, you can also introduce and improve measures to reduce environmental impacts and promote humane working in companies and organisations. In the meantime, many businesses have introduced their own departments, processes or representatives to promote sustainability, the environment and climate protection.

There are also jobs in politics, foundations and associations. Whether at a national or regional level – in Berlin there are many points of contact in the ministries and senate administration. Most German political parties also have their headquarters in Berlin, along with their own foundation. Those who prefer to work independently of politics can also consider well-known organisations such as WWF, BUND or NABU. 


Anyone who wishes to assess for themselves whether a business is actually sustainable can familiarise themselves with the criteria of the German Sustainability Codex, the Public Welfare Economy, the Entrepreneurs4future or the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.