Small and Mid-sized Enterprise in Berlin

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Anyone looking for a job in Berlin, usually first thinks of major employers, such as Siemens or Deutsche Bahn, as well as the many vibrant start-ups that have spawned “unicorns” such as Zalando or Soundcloud. However, the capital has much more to offer.
Over 280,000 companies in Berlin have fewer than 250 employees. These all form the backbone of the Berlin economy and are strong potential employers. They include “hidden champions” whose products and technologies make them world market leaders in a specialist area. They are located around the city, including in Berlin’s 14 technology parks.

Small and Mid-sized Enterprise job search

When job-hunting, it is always worth taking a look at the websites of SMEs. Vacancies are often only advertised directly on the company's own website. And these don’t always have a “career” section. If you are interested, it is also worth contacting the company directly and inquiring about vacancies. 

It is also worth bearing in mind that the daily business and corporate structure of SMEs do not always allow employees to focus on the topic of HR. Many small companies have neither a well-staffed HR department nor e-recruitment software that automatically confirms the receipt of application documents, for example.

Nevertheless, it is worth submitting an application. A third of all SMEs are planning to increase their staff, year-on-year.There is a desperate need for staff, especially in the IT and data processing sectors, as well as in electrical engineering.

The benefits of SMEs as an employer

EA job in an SME also has some advantages. Due to the size of the companies, these usually have flat hierarchies. While this makes rapid career advancement difficult, a promotion usually comes with a great deal of responsibility. Internal communications are also quicker and easier within these companies. Employees have large remits and career entrants in particular can easily gain experience and practical knowledge.

SMEs are often characterised by their open, informal atmosphere. Contact with superiors is much closer and it is also easier to agree personal arrangements and concessions with regard to work-life-balance. Begin your job search now! It will be worth your while.


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