Registering your residence in Berlin

Erster Schritt: Wohnsitz anmelden

Welcome to Berlin! It’s great that you have found a new job and a new flat. Your next step is to register your place of residence with the local authorities. In Berlin, there are several Citizens’ Offices (“Bürgerämter”) in each district. You can register your residence at one of these offices either by making an appointment or simply turning up and waiting a while. 

NB: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no spontaneous visits are currently permitted. You can only register your residence by making an appointment. 

Please bring the following documents:

  • ID card and – if available – passport of the person to be registered
  • Registration form from the Residents’ Registry Office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”). This form is also available from the Citizens’ Office)
  • ID card and/or birth certificate of any children living with you
  • Tenancy or purchase agreement
  • Confirmation from the landlord/principal tenant that you have moved in (if you are not mentioned on the tenancy agreement)
  • Marriage certificate (if available)

The best way to book your appointment with the Citizens’ Office in Berlin is online.

The State of Berlin’s service app allows you to access all local authority services in Berlin while out and about and book appointments online. GPS positioning allows you to easily locate the offices in your area and tells you how far away they are.

Do you have any questions about registering your residence or other registration activities? Then start an online chat with the virtual Berlin Citizens’ Service Assistant.

If you need help registering your residence, we also recommend the AiRelo Service Assistant. AiRelo provides 24/7 assistance, in English, with any questions regarding the registration process. Check it out!

Be it help with completing forms, official visits, translations or personal services – simply submit a query on and see what the buddies have to say. Buddies are volunteer Berlin residents who will help you settle in when you arrive in the capital.

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Getting to know Berlin: welcome tours

In terms of “working and living in Berlin”, Berlin Partner offers free welcome tours away from the typical tourist attractions. Book your tour online now! And tell us and others about your welcome tour, on our Facebook page, for example. We look forward to hearing about your experiences.

District Offices in Berlin: twelve districts, twelve Offices

If you want to register your residency or apply for a passport, the Berlin District Office is your first point of contact. There are twelve District Offices in Berlin – each district has its own District Office. These provide access to the following services:

  • Registration certificate 
  • Initial issue and extension of your driving licence
  • International driving licence
  • Transfer an overseas driving licence
  • Family pass
  • ID card and passport 
  • Transfer a residence permit to a new passport

It is best to book your appointment directly online using the State of Berlin’s service app!