Working in Berlin: Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in Berlin

Berlin is colorful, without a doubt. The capital city stands for the greatest possible social diversity in Germany. On the political level alone, educational offers, state programs, diversity concepts and training are being developed and implemented at the Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung (State Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination). In addition, there are numerous networks and organizations in which Berliners get involved. Diversity and inclusion are tightly interwoven in Berlin.

If you are looking for an open workplace and center of your life, Berlin is the right place for you. 3.65 million people currently live here and treat each other with respect. Diversity and inclusion are discussed, promoted and lived in Berlin. That applies in the working world and thus in Berlin-based companies.

The goal is to appreciate the professional diversity and utilize potential, irrespective of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, migration background, religion, social background or long-term illness or disability. Berlin-based companies are tackling the topic. Individual diversity and inclusion concepts are the starting point. Diversity and inclusion management, employed internally at the company, is increasingly ensuring the implementation of these concepts.

Diverse and inclusive companies in Berlin

It has been scientifically proven: companies with a diverse team are more successful. That is why a potentially diverse workplace is also always reflected in the team and company structures.

You can see that companies are taking active measures, for instance, on the companies’ websites. There is often information about what the respective company is actively doing to develop diversity and inclusion in and outside the company. A diverse team is an indicator of whether the concept is being implemented accordingly. Look around the websites if you’re interested in a company!

Large, Berlin-based companies with more than 1,000 employees, for instance, ZalandoBVGReweBASF or Siemens Energy, are contributing with their own programs, employee networks, specific job positions (e.g. diversity & inclusion managers) or even entire departments which further develop the concept. Small and medium-sized enterprises are contributing to the best of their ability. If you do not find any information online, don’t hesitate to contact the company of your choice and as about the status quo there.

Organizations, networks and initiatives in Berlin

In the greater Berlin area, there are several organizations, networks and initiatives that are specialized in making the commitment of companies with active diversity and inclusion management visible.

Thus, for instance, Berlin-based companies can sign the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), a paper with which the signatory commits to creating a respectful and unprejudiced working environment. The Berlin-based UHLALA Group awards companies that are trailblazers in the area of LGBTQIA+ and diversity with the Pride Champion Seal. The initiative for diversity, equity & inclusion, named BeyondGenderAgenda, supports listed companies and medium-sized enterprises in anchoring an inclusive working environment in the company’s DNA. And the group, HeForShe, trains motivated and inspiring leading personalities in the areas of government, economics, non-profit organizations and research who advocate for gender equality on the job.


Visit the websites of the organizations and initiatives listed above! There, you will find Berlin-based companies that are Pride Champions, have signed the Diversity Charter and who are members of BeyondGenderAgenda or HeForShe.

There is also a strong community in the area of diversity and inclusion in Berlin with people who mutually support each other and make the city a place of equal opportunity to work and live. For instance, the networks, Black in Tech BerlinBIWOC Rising or Migration Hub. In the associations, networks and initiatives, you will find places to exchange, network, orient yourself and get information about co-working and specific support, including with finding a job.


If you are currently looking for a job in an LGBTQIA-friendly company, then read our magazine article “Stuart Cameron Interview: How to find LGBTQIA-friendly employers in Berlin”! We interviewed the founder of the UHLALA Group.

The work of many Berlin-based initiatives that advocate for diversity and inclusion is pioneering in Germany and Europe and is continuously awarded for special achievements. For instance, the #FarbenBekennen (#ShowYourColors) Award honors the charitable work of refugees who have successfully integrated in Germany. The Impact of Diversity Award honors remarkable concepts, great initiatives and dedicated individuals and companies.

Political support in the area of diversity and inclusion in Berlin

The Berlin Senate Administration has a separate department, the LADSfor the enforcement of the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination. It provides information about rights, free support and consultation to assert these rights, sensitization in a variety of educational offers on the topic of diversity and inclusion and has a well set-up complaints and assistance system. The Berlin Landesantidiskriminierungsgesetz (LADG (State Anti-Discrimination Act)) went into force in 2020. For the first time, this law included social status and chronic illnesses. It serves to respect diversity as a binding principle.

Events and other links on the topic of diversity and inclusion

The people of Berlin love their city because of its diversity and freedom. Many people work, on both a volunteer and professional basis, to achieve this. Openness, tolerance and mutual respect are the norm. Discrimination is not tolerated. Below, you will find various events and other links to great projects in the area of diversity and inclusion in Berlin.