Moving: Good planning is half the battle

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Once you have found a new apartment, you can give notice in your old apartment. Look in your lease to see if you must provide the next tenant or any renovations. Often, tenants must make final decorative repairs. However, according to current legislation – depending on the formulation – this is often invalid. It is best you have the legality of your lease agreement examined.

Make sure you contact a removals company, relocation agency or your own organization in a timely manner. Obtain several offers. It’s worth it to make a comparison. If you are organizing your move yourself, it is advisable to think about booking the rental vehicle and the parking space for the removals truck in good time. To play it safe, you should apply for a temporary parking restriction at the competent road traffic local authority office. Alternatively, you can hire a removals service that will take care of having parking restriction signs approved and installed.

DOWNLOAD: Relocation Services in Berlin (PDF, 213 kB)


Are you looking for an alternative to a relocation agency? Then try IDA - the Integration Digital Assistant. The online program explains to you step by step how to cope with everyday special challenges (e.g. which official procedures you have to take care of and how that works). Try it out now!

Let your old and new neighbors know when you are moving, as it is difficult to carry out more than one move in even the most spacious stairwells in Berlin. A notice in the stairwell will let your neighbors know in advance that they should get their shoes, furniture, plants and other items safely out of the way.

If you are moving with children or pets, remember to organize care. Moving is stressful for all family members. It is also important to subscribe for the mail forwarding service at the post office and change the address for your existing subscriptions with plenty of lead time. 

Pack your removal boxes no later than two days before the move and label them with the contents of each room. That will make it easier for you to assign the boxes to the right rooms in your new apartment.

We have listed all the key steps for your move on our “Moving” checklist. Use it to draw up your plans.

DOWNLOAD: Checklist Relocation (PDF, 216 kB)