Berlin-Brandenburg application portals


On the Internet you will find many general recruitment platforms with jobs in all sectors.On these portals, you can usually search by location (city or region), as well as by keyword (e.g. job title, occupation, role, skills, company name, occupational status). The search results displayed will guide you to the individual job advertisements for which you can apply directly.


Our Talent Berlin job platform is a meta-job portal that combines jobs from more than 10 portals in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, in addition to our own posted vacancies. Here you will find most vacancies in the capital with just one search. Check it out!

The application procedures are very different and vary depending on the job portal. Some platforms will take you directly to the companies’ career pages; others allow you to apply directly (after successful login) or you will be provided with a reference number which you can then use when applying to the company.


Are you currently looking for a job in Berlin and would like to learn more about the companies in the capital? Read our blog article " Beyond job portals: Finding your dream job in Berlin" and discover Berlin's Zukunftsorte!

In addition, there are many online job portals where you can search for jobs in specific industries. A good example is the t3n jobs board, which specialises in jobs in the digital economy, or the Medi Jobs portal, which has established itself in the market as a medical jobs board. Search online for your industry and related job portals in the Berlin and Brandenburg region!


Use our Berlin industry overview for your industry-specific job search! Here you will find companies sorted by industry.

Career networks and social recruitment

Career networks such as LinkedIn or Xing already have over 7.5 million users worldwide and give you the opportunity to create your own applicant profile, which you can manage at any time. Known as social networks in the business world, these portals allow you to network directly with companies or their HR managers.

The concept is very simple: you create an account and select the status that says you are currently looking for a job. This status is displayed to HR managers and is your chance to be found as a specialist and manager. You can also actively search for vacancies in the network’s job portal. You can set “job notifications” while conducting your job search, so that you will be informed when new vacancies are available in your field.

If a job advertisement appeals to you, apply directly in the network with just one click. You can store and manage your application documents at any time.


Search for regional companies and their HR managers in your industry on the Internet! As soon as you have researched a contact person, message them directly in the career network and ask them to talk to you about job vacancies!

Another possibility offered by job search networks are “network meetings” and groups according to interests. Organised according to topic and industry, you can join these free of charge, get to know people who already work in your field or dream company and network with them. 

You can also join groups and sign up for job events on Facebook and similar sites. Simply enter keywords such as “jobs in Berlin” or “Berlin job fair” in the network's search bar. With one click you will find all the relevant information you need to structure your job search. Take advantage of this opportunity!

The EURES Network

Are you an EU citizen and thinking about coming to Berlin for your next career step? Then get in touch with the EURES network (European Employment Services)! Here you will find specific advice and support in your job search as well as a job board and always some great career events (on and offline) for networking.

By creating a EURES profile, you give more than 4,000 employers the chance to recruit you as a new employee. Free of charge for all job seekers!