My job at Stadler Germany

Nicklas Meyer (36), Technical Project Manager

What exactly does your job involve?

I work as a technical project manager at Stadler Germany. The team here at the site designs trains for the German market, among them for the Berlin underground and commuter railway networks as well as to run in the nationwide Deutsche Bahn network. You will see our trains in other German cities as well.

Our job is to create the concepts, 3D designs and drawings, to coordinate with suppliers and then manufacture the trains here in our hall directly at the factory. Afterwards the trains are sent to our commissioning centre in Velten. 

In my position, I am in charge of one to two vehicle projects throughout the product development process. This means I look after the project from the preparation and engineering phases through to construction, commissioning and delivery to the customer. 

It is my job to make sure that we build the vehicle precisely the way it was sold to the customer and that we satisfy and comply with all customer specifications and technical approval requirements.

What fascinates you about this job?

The fact that I can see the results of my work is what fascinates me. You might say that I accompany each aspect of the project, from the draft concept on the drawing board to the finished vehicle. 

It is exciting to see how the train initially takes shape as a 3D image on the screen and is then put together in the assembly hall. The next step is to put the train into operation for its virgin journey. You can really see the inquisitive looks on the faces of our customers standing on the platform during test drives, the happy passengers on the first trip and all kinds of other things. It is simply fascinating to be able to touch the things that took me so long to develop. 

What prompted you to accept this position with Stadler Germany in Berlin?

When I left school, I asked myself what I actually wanted to do in life. Rail vehicles had fascinated me since early childhood, so I decided to study a subject in this field. After checking my options, I had the choice between Aachen, Dresden and Berlin. Berlin was definitely the right city for me. It is young, dynamic and multicultural. I like that. So I moved to Berlin.

I started working at Stadler Germany as a student trainee while completing my course. The team was great from day one. My colleagues are really nice, and the atmosphere at work is very pleasant. I received a job offer after graduating, which I accepted on the spot. I have worked for Stadler in Berlin ever since.


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