My job at Mediaplanet

Anna-Norema Pauw (age 26), Business Developer

What exactly is your role within the company?

I work as a Business Developer and Feelgood Manager at Mediaplanet. Mediaplanet is an independent publishing house that plans and creates content marketing campaigns to be published in Germany’s biggest daily newspapers and magazines. To this end, we create special publications – supplements, for example. We already have a presence in several countries, including Sweden, Austria, the USA and Canada.

As a Business Developer, I currently manage four Project Managers. I assist them in all stages from planning to publishing their own information campaigns, and I am always there to help with any questions, challenges or successes they have. Moreover, I also research new titles for upcoming campaigns and I am responsible for recruiting. The so-called “Title Research” involves detecting current hot topics and trends that may interest our customers and that we can use to create effective content. This also involves researching environments where we intend to eventually let the topics play out, for example at trade fairs or on influencer channels.

In my day-to-day work, I have lots of meetings with the Project Managers in my team and with the other Team Leaders. Together, we look at the current state of the campaigns and develop new ideas. As a Feelgood Manager at the company, I also host a yoga session for my colleagues every Thursday.

What do you find fascinating about this career?

The thing I particularly like about my job at Mediaplanet is that I was able to be myself from day one and contribute all of my potential – including both my passion for yoga and my natural sense of empathy, which I am able to implement in my role as Team Leader as it brings me in close contact with other people every day. Additionally, I appreciate the continual development opportunities offered to engage with the current topics that are part of my job.

Why did you choose this job at a Berlin-based company?

I originally come from Ulm and I always wanted to move to a big city, Berlin in particular. There is so much on offer here, even aside from the career opportunities, and people of all nationalities come together. I really like that. I also fancied working in a creative and international environment. That’s why I applied to Mediaplanet, and thankfully, it worked out.


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