My job at ASML

Stefanie Lamoth (32), team leader in production

What exactly does your job involve?

My role is team leader for production at ASML in Berlin. We are a high-tech company that manufactures complex lithography machines which are used by companies such as Samsung, Intel and TSMC to produce microchips. My department produces wafer tables - a key component for manufacturing microchips.

As team leader I am responsible for the entire process of wafer production and ensuring that delivery dates are met. My day typically starts with me and my team setting the day’s priorities. My task is then to ensure we work to these priorities and have a successful day in production.

What fascinates you about this job?

I am most fascinated by the many opportunities we have at ASML. We are able to take a look at what other areas of the company are doing at any time. This helps us to better understand that various components that go into producing lithography machines.

I also like how future-oriented ASML is. Everyone uses a phone or laptop and we are a part of this. We are at the very forefront of modern technology. It’s simply great!

Why did you decide to accept the job with ASML in Berlin?

Berlin is a crazy place. Berlin is fun. I’ve been working in Berlin for a long time and would like to stay here. ASML provides me with so many opportunities to further develop my career. Which I really like. 

Did you know, I do not actually come from this field at all. I am a trained hair dresser and I simply wanted to do something new. ASML gave me this chance. And now I’m a team leader. It makes me so happy to be able to work here.


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