Valentin Ribbeck (36), HR Manager

What does your company do?

We are an IT service provider focusing on IT security. We believe that security is necessary to help us all get along better. I’m responsible for everything to do with personnel within the company.

I’m in charge of recruiting, personnel management, and company development. My day is filled with meetings. I also do admin work, answer e-mails, and take a lot of calls.

What do you love about your job?

I love making people happy. My job means that I can find people the right position and help them to work in a way that feels good and encourages them to learn and grow.

I am constantly focusing on that goal. That’s why I studied business psychology and then started working as a consultant. At CCVOSSEL I’m doing work that I find both motivating and fascinating.

Why did you decide to work at a company based in Berlin?

I grew up in Berlin, studied here, and started a family early on. I was only 21 years old when I became a father. So I never asked myself if I wanted to move somewhere else. I love how diverse this city is and I love living here.

Plus, I really love my job at CCVOSSEL. I get to know lots of different companies working as a consultant, and there is no company quite like this one. I really appreciate the values that Carsten Vossel, our CEO, has instilled in the company. He really emphasizes the importance of openness, transparency, and having fun while collaborating. That makes it a great place to work. We aren’t colleagues, we’re friends who work together.


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