My job at Back Market

Pola Lörz (32), Tech Recruiter

What exactly does your job involve? 

I’m a Tech Recruiter at Back Market. We are a platform for buying and selling refurbished tech products. We enable merchants in currently over 16 countries to showcase and sell second-hand electronics in a new and sexy way. It gives products a new life and is great for the environment as well.

As a Tech Recruiter, I’m responsible for connecting the world’s best tech talents with Back Market. This means I talk to a lot of different candidates on a daily basis. I work closely with the hiring managers at the company to learn about and fulfil their needs. I’m specialised in data and provide strong support to the Data Team. I also have other projects with my colleagues from the Talent Acquisition Team. I love my job.

We’re currently 650 people from all over the world working in a diverse and multicultural team – in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Bordeaux, New York and elsewhere. At the moment we are looking for more talented people to strengthen our team. They can work at the office or in remote positions.

What fascinates you about this job?

I really love talking to a lot of different people. I enjoy helping them to get a new job. What I love most is seeing my colleagues grow in the company and how we all grow together.

The job is also very challenging. Actually I am not very talented in tech, but I get to work every day with people who are very skilled and smart in very specific subjects. I learn a lot from them. That’s pretty cool.

Why did you choose to work in Berlin at Back Market?

I actually received an offer from Back Market two years ago. You know, I am a long-term customer of Back Market. I bought my first refurbished phone on the platform four years ago, and it is still working. I was interested in a position at the company because I find the idea so fascinating.

Unfortunately I could not take the position at the time, because Covid arrived and I got pregnant. It just wasn’t the right time. Back Market was really supportive of my decision. So time passed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the company. I had also been working abroad for the last few years and was really keen to get back to Germany.

When the time came, I wrote Back Market a love letter and told them that I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I asked whether they were still thinking about me. They immediately said yes, and here I am today. At Back Market. Back in Germany. In Berlin.


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