My job at MDI Limbach

Julia Selina Bodenhagen (22), Medical Technical Lab Assistant (MTLA)

What exactly does your job involve?

I am a medical technical lab assistant (MTLA) at MDI Limbach Berlin. We are a lab which offers a wide range of clinical diagnostics with several locations throughout Germany. Our specialisms include hematology, microbiology and clinical chemistry.

I work in molecular diagnostics dealing with samples from patients. We use various methods to track down different pathogens. For our tests we use various pieces of technical equipment that require regular maintenance. I also do a lot of work by hand too, which I very much enjoy and which brings a bit of variety to the day - for example, I often have to pipette PCT tests.

What fascinates you about this job?

I’ve always been interested in medicine. I’m fascinated at how I can be involved in helping patients recover without actually having direct contact with them. I like this interdisciplinary team spirit.

Why did you choose to work for a company in Berlin?

I was born in Berlin. My family and friends are here. I therefore wanted to find a job here. In addition to that, I had already completed various practical placements with MDI Limbach during my apprenticeship. I was therefore familiar with the company. I always felt comfortable here from the very start. Just another reason to stay in Berlin.


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