Media & Entertainment in Berlin

Medien & Entertainment in Berlin

Dear journalists, presenters, costume designers and colleagues, here is a summary of Berlin’s Media & Entertainment sectors: Showbiz, Print Media & Publishing, as well as Film, TV, Radio & Web. 

Film, TV, Radio & Web in Berlin

In the film and TV industry alone, there are over 4,000 companies in Berlin, generating revenue of EUR 1.9 billion. Every year, more than 300 films are produced at Studio Babelsberg, the Berliner Union Film Ateliers studios and other attractive locations. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region provides optimum production and partnership conditions. Jobs are available in technology, (post) production, set design, special effects, wardrobe and casting. And there are also excellent job opportunities for commercial staff, IT professionals, lawyers, HR managers and office managers in Berlin’s media landscape. 

During the transformation in the audiovisual media market towards video-on-demand, web-TV, video portals and multi-channel networks, successful start-ups such as MCNs Collective Studio71, WeAreEra and YouTube Space have opened subsidiaries in Berlin. Just like the broadcasters RBB, NTV and the main studios of ARD, ZDF and RTL, these companies are all potential employers. Of course, this also applies to the radio stations based here, such as Energy Berlin, Fritz, 105’5 Spreeradio and 98.8 Kiss FM, for example.

Live Entertainment in Berlin

But the capital city not only offers on-screen opportunities. Those wanting to work in show business will find over 100 different stages in Berlin – in both state and independent theatres. The captivating dance shows of the “Flying Steps” troupe attract professional artists to the capital, while stand-up comedy shows such as those at the QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin, for example, offer newcomers a stage. International theatres such as English Theatre Berlin, children’s and youth theatres such as Grips-Theater,, Varietétheater and Wintergarten-Varieté, or musical theatres such as Theater am Potsdamer Platz all offer jobs and opportunities. Anyone wanting to make it in show business in Germany comes to Berlin. Berlin is booming.

Book Trade & Publishing in Berlin

The publishing industry has also adapted to Berlin’s creative employment scene and lifestyle. A variety of publishers are based in the capital. Some have a long tradition, others are exciting new business ventures. Berliner Verlag and Axel Springer SE are among the largest of around 200 publishing houses in Berlin. They are both potential employers, as are Beuth Verlag, Suhrkamp Verlag and Schlehdorn Verlag. Educational publishers such as Cornelsen or Klett also have subsidiaries in Berlin. Many new formats such as audio books and podcasts are also produced here. Hörspielstudio ans Hörbuchmanufaktur are just two examples of companies in this sector. 

In Berlin, there are approximately 250 bookshops and several reading cafés, providing job opportunities in consulting and sales. For detailed information about the book industry and its activities, as well as the special features of bookshops in Berlin and Brandenburg, please refer to the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Office of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association – representing 222 bookshops and 189 publishers.

Printing Industry in Berlin

Berlin’s printing industry comprises approx. 55 companies and 6,000 employees. Due to the many daily newspapers, magazines and books, as well as the daily production of official documents (ID papers, certificates, bank notes) needed by the capital’s almost 3.7 million residents, many small and large printing firms can be found in the capital, which handle this daily print volume. The Bundesdruckerei, Laserline and Pinguin Druck are just a few examples of companies that could be potential employers. Begin your job search now! It will be worth your while.


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