Skilled Crafts and Trades in Berlin

Handwerk in Berlin
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Dear bricklayers, painters, beauticians, hairdressers, construction workers, car mechanics, fitters, tailors and colleagues, There are around 30,000 skilled crafts and trades businesses in Berlin. Of these, 12,000 companies can be assigned to the finishing trades and 6,500 provide personal services, while the other firms specialise in the following:

  • Mainstream construction
  • Commercial needs
  • Motor trade
  • The food industry
  • Healthcare

Berlin’s skilled crafts and trades industry is extremely diverse. This economic sector includes traditional occupations such as instrument makers and engravers on the one hand, and numerous key apprentice-based professions on the other, which are essential in a major city such as Berlin. Be it plumbers, fitters or mechanics – 3.72 million residents and the large number of industrial firms mean that skilled crafts and trades services are in high demand. The corporate landscape mainly consists of SMEs, which train around 10,000 young people in 120 different skilled crafts and trades. 

Hand-made products and professional services are becoming increasingly popular among the capital’s residents. This is benefitting the sector’s approximately 180,000 workers. Kaiserhonig, Christian Klünder Buchbinderei and vanille & marille Eismanufaktur are just a few examples of successful companies whose products and services are appreciated by Berlin’s residents. Skilled crafts and trades professions are always in demand in an urban environment. Begin your job search now! It will be worth your while.


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