My job at KRYNOS

Sven Morawetz (33 years), home consultant

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What exactly do you do in your company?

I am a home consultant at KRYNOS – a licensed partner of the construction company “Town & Country”. We primarily build houses for private clients, but also for investors who want to invest their money in residential buildings. Our goal is to reliably bring as many people as possible into their own four walls. We can look back at a 90-year company history. We manage all stages of construction - from the initial idea to the hand-over of the keys. 

My primary task is to establish the first contact between the interested client and us as a developer. To do so, I publish advertisements on various real estate exchanges. When a request comes in, I clarify over the phone to what extent the construction project matches our possibilities. If it’s a fit, I invite the customer to our Berlin office so we can talk about the details of the building, such as which type of house is desired, who is moving into the house and what ideas they have. Once I have gathered all the information, I can think about what equipment is right for each customer and thus better adapt to the individual needs for the forthcoming discussions.

We have 40 different types of houses in total. After the customer has chosen a house type, we configure it according to the property specifications. I accompany the customer until the completion of the contract and thus the start of the construction project.

What fascinates you about this job?

I am constantly surrounded by positive emotions. The customers are in a good mood when they approach me because they are looking forward to their house. And later on, when I look at all of the happy faces at the topping-out ceremony, it just feels wonderful. My day-to-day work consists of beautiful moments - that fascinates me. At KRYNOS, I also have flexible hours and workstation allocation, which fits in very well with my outlook on life. 

Why did you choose this job with a Berlin company?

I was born in Berlin. For me, leaving this place is out of the question. As a business location, Berlin has, in my opinion, the biggest prospects in Germany. The “housing boom” is just starting here - there is still plenty of room to grow.

The good thing about KRYNOS is that we really do create good emotions here every day by focusing on our customers. The company appeals to a target group that I myself belong to – people who can afford only one house in life. And the construction of this house should be a highlight. This attitude makes KRYNOS a nice job for me.

In addition, I have a lot of room in my job, especially at KRYNOS, to advise customers extensively. Advising is what I enjoy and the real reason why I decided to go into sales 13 years ago. I feel really comfortable here.


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