More attractive than ever: becoming a teacher in Berlin!

Lehrer:in in Berlin

Are you passionate about specialist topics and have an aptitude for teaching? Are you keen to pass on your knowledge and looking for a job that offers variety every day? Congratulations! You have the essential skills to work in a Berlin school.

The State of Berlin is looking to appoint more than 3,000 teachers for the whole of 2023. This is the challenge facing Thorsten Metter (Head of Unit ZS I) and Markus Kringel (Head of the Specialist Advice and Recruitment Section) at the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.

The Senate Department is currently using its ‘Mach Berlin groß’ (german only) campaign to encourage people to strive for a career as a teacher in Berlin. And we can reveal that the benefits are extremely attractive. As well as a permanent employment contract, prospective teachers can also expect a starting salary of EUR 5,700 (gross) – for both experienced teachers and those switching careers. In the following interview, Messrs Metter and Kringel provide a detailed explanation of the requirements.

Who exactly is the State of Berlin looking for?

We’re currently seeking teachers for our Berlin schools – preferably experienced teachers, but also anyone switching careers who would enjoy the challenge of becoming a teacher. Due to retirement, educational improvements and immigration, the annual demand for teachers in Berlin is extremely high. It’s always worth taking a look at our vacancies. You can view these at any time on our careers portal (german only).

Where can prospective candidates find detailed information about a teaching career in Berlin?

We organise Berlin-Tage (german only) twice a yeara large careers fair with around 170 stands representing Berlin schools and other employers. This event is an ideal opportunity to talk directly to school leadership teams. There are also personal consultations, where you can find out whether your previous professional experience will be suitable. As well as prospective teaching candidates, educators, managers, psychologists, social workers and many others can also learn about career opportunities with the State of Berlin at this event.

Berlin-Tage always takes place in late February and late September. The next event is scheduled for late March 11,2023. Each event always coincides with the end of the application deadline for teachers in the current semester. Prospective candidates can also make enquiries at any time via the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science website (german only).

What skills and experience do qualified professionals need to become a teacher in Berlin?

You need a Masters of Education in two subjects and to have ideally already completed an eighteen-month preparatory period (traineeship). However, you can also complete the latter after your application is successful. Experienced teachers can apply directly at any time via the Online Application and Recruitment Platform’ (german only), ideally by the above-mentioned application deadline.

What skills and experience do those switching careers need to become a teacher in Berlin?

Those switching careers need either a teaching-based Masters of Education, First State Examination for Education or a Masters, Diploma or Bachelors degree gained at a university or technical college that can be assigned to at least one subject at a Berlin school.

There must be a current need for the subject. An up-to-date list of required subjects is always available on the Switching to teaching’ (german only) page of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family website. Those who are ultimately suitable for a change of career are always considered and selected on a case-by-case basis.

What specific support is available for those switching careers?

In Berlin, those switching to the teaching profession are trained to a level that also allows them to gain a Masters of Education in two subjects. This means Berlin is entirely different to other federal states.

In our study centre, those switching careers not only receive comprehensive teacher training, but also the same salary as experienced teachers right from the start. When you begin your training, you will sign a permanent, binding employment contract with the State of Berlin. In return, your training will be fully funded by the State.

Can experienced overseas teachers also apply?

Yes, the prerequisite is a knowledge of German at Level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) (german only). Level C2 is roughly equivalent to native language skills. We recognise completed Goethe-Zertifikat C2 and completed telc Deutsch C2 certificates. We encourage potential applicants to speak directly to school leadership teams to discuss possible recruitment opportunities. Again, the best way of doing this is to attend our Berlin-Tage.

What makes teaching in Berlin particularly attractive?

As well as the excellent starting salary of EUR 5,700 (gross) and a permanent employment contract, in Berlin you can also be confident that you’ll always work and live in the same city. This isn’t possible everywhere in Germany. For example, if you’re employed as a teacher in another federal state, a job in an urban area isn’t always guaranteed. You can quickly be relocated.

In Berlin, you’ll live and work in one place. You’ll always work in a local school, while living in either the city or countryside – Berlin is extremely diverse. Even without a car, you can quickly get from A to B using its excellent public transport. Its cultural, family, culinary and sporting attractions are unique within Germany. And did you know that since the summer of 2022, all newly hired teachers in the state of Berlin will generally be civil servants after all the necessary requirements have been checked? All good reasons to begin your teaching career in Berlin. Apply now!