Achieve more with LinkedIn: Tips and tricks for your job search


Anyone looking for a job in Berlin is spoiled for choice when it comes to finding one. However, social career networks play a key role especially in the digital sectors. The largest professional network is LinkedIn.

Worldwide, 850 million people use the platform, with currently 24 million users in the DACH region. Especially in dynamic Berlin with all its start-upstechnology companies and established industriesa strong LinkedIn profile is of benefit to you. In this article, we give you detailed tips on how to optimize and maintain your profile. Maximize your career opportunities!

Why you should choose LinkedIn: Your benefits at a glance

LinkedIn is a comprehensive tool for your professional growth and career management. The platform offers you a huge database of potential employers in the capital. Here you can network directly with decision-makersfind job vacancies and send off applications. All in one app.

LinkedIn also offers you a unique opportunity to position yourself easily and professionally on the Berlin job market with your professional skills, experience and achievements.

Why it’s worth using LinkedIn for your job search

LinkedIn enables you to make contacts outside your immediate professional environment. This allows you to discover interesting job offers that you might not have come across without access to this platform.

You can also search for jobs directly on LinkedIn. Make sure you use the advanced search filters and search by location, industry, specific keywords and, if necessary, directly by company. This will help you find job offers that are relevant to you more quickly.

In addition, many recruiters and HR managers use LinkedIn to search for suitable candidates. The better you optimize your profile and the more active you are on the platform, the more likely you are to be contacted by recruiters.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

With an optimized LinkedIn profile you can use the platform’s full potentialincreasing your chances of landing your dream job. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you create the perfect profile:

1. Professional profile photo: Your profile photo is the first thing potential employers see. Use a current, professional photo that shows you dressed appropriately. A friendly and authentic smile gives a positive impression.

2. Compelling slogan: The slogan under your name should be concise and informative. Use keywords that reflect your professional qualifications and ambitions. A well-chosen slogan can arouse the immediate interest of recruiters.

3. Comprehensive summary: Your summary should describe your professional career, goals and key achievements. Use clear and concise language and highlight your unique skills.

4. Describe your professional experience in detail: Don’t just list your previous positions - describe your responsibilities and achievements as well. Use bullet points for better readability and focus on measurable achievements.

5. Highlight achievements: Take the opportunity to showcase special and successful projects or other professional achievements in your profile.


As Berlin is an international city, there are many English-speaking companies there. If one of these companies could be an option for you, write your profile in both German and English.

6. Recommendations: Ask current and former colleagues and superiors for recommendations. Recommendations increase the credibility of your profile.

7. Personalize LinkedIn URL: A personalized URL ( looks more professional. It also makes it easier to share your profile in email signatures and on business cards, etc.

8. Optimize SEO: Use relevant keywords in your texts. For anyone searching for people like you, this will make it easier for them to find you.


How to maintain your LinkedIn profile

Well done! You’ve used these tips to create a professional profile on LinkedIn. But you’re not finished yet. Now it’s time to start maintaining your profile and get active on LinkedIn. The following tricks will help you to stay visible in the network:

1. Stay up-to-date and active: Always keep your profile up to date. Write and share interesting posts and articles, comment on others and take part in discussions. An active profile shows that you’re committed and up to date with the latest developments in the industry.


Use the typical LinkedIn hashtags whether for a profile, article or post! These increase your reach and therefore your chances of being found by other people.

2. Maintain your network: Network regularly with new contacts and maintain existing relationships. Comment on and share posts from your contacts to increase your visibility and have them keep you in mind.

3. Set up job alerts: Use LinkedIn’s job alert function. Once you’ve set the parameters of your job search, the system will notify you by push message and/or email about new jobs that match your profile. 

4. Join LinkedIn groups: Join relevant LinkedIn groups and actively participate in discussions.

5. Add a personal touch: While your profile should be professional, it’s also important to add a personal touch. Occasionally share personal experiences or stories that reflect your professional journey and personality.

6. Measure your progress: Regularly review how your profile is performing and adjust your strategies accordingly. Use LinkedIn analytics to see which content is performing well and which areas have room for improvement.

Our conclusion: Optimizing and maintaining a profile on LinkedIn admittedly takes time and creativity. But it is worth it. The social career network offers job search, networking and further training all in one. There are few virtual places where you can get so much concentrated input for your career.

Whether it’s a direct job offer via notification or job post from one of your contacts or from a company you follow - on LinkedIn you’re offered job vacancies on a silver platter almost every day. With diligence and a little hard work you’re very likely to find your next job on the platform. Try out our tips! Good luck.


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