Job events in Berlin: Trends and tips for successful job searching


Are you looking for your dream job in Berlin? As well as online job portals and job apps, there is another approach to job searching that allows you to get to know potential employers directly and with no strings attached: regional job events. These offer an ideal platform to establish contacts and impress potential employers in person.

Whether a job fair, career and business meetup, networking event or open day – the capital city has a plethora of effective job events to offer. We have put together an overview of the most important event formats. Benefit from our tips for successful participation!

The added value of job events

Job events take place both offline and online. At these events, Berlin-based companies present themselves and their job vacancies and give you a valuable insight into their internal structures and corporate culture.

One-to-one discussions with HR managers provide a casual environment to get to know one another and find out quickly if you and the company are a good match. You can broaden your knowledge in talks, panel discussions, workshops and other formats. Targeted networking opportunities also allow you to join a dialogue with like-minded people and industry experts.

All in all: it’s a win-win. With little effort, you gain sound knowledge of potential employees and have the unique opportunity of leaving a positive impression at the same time. This helps both you and the company to reach a potential decision.

The top 3 job event formats in Berlin

Berlin is the frontrunner in job events. With 3.8 million citizens, there is demand for a wide range of them, and the job market responds.

Job fairs tend to offer general, sector-based or target-group-specific opportunities. For example, the Shop a Job is aimed at job searchers in the field of IT, sales and marketing – on the other hand, the connecticum careers fair targets students and young professionals in IT, business and engineering. The T5 JobMesse is an industry-specific event for job searchers in the fields of engineering and technology, computing, science and economics. We could name countless examples. Among them the annual career festival Sticks & Stones, which exclusively connects members of the LGBTIQA+ community with employers. The job events in Berlin are just as diverse as the city itself.

Career and business meetups are small, informal gatherings where you can network and connect with other people who have similar professional interests to you. They are a great opportunity to expand your network and establish new professional contacts. Good examples of career and business meetups include the following events: the meetup recommendations of the GermanTechJobs platform, the meetups of the platform in Berlin or the PANDA events (run by the Women Leadership Network).

Open days have always been a tried and tested job event concept at Berlin-based companies. For one day, companies open up their offices and production sites to give you a look behind the scenes. As a potential applicant, this provides you with valuable insights into the inner workings of the companies as well as their corporate culture. It provides the perfect opportunity for you to view the premises and get to know the team without any strings attached. Good examples of Berlin-based companies that put on regular open days include ASML and BSR, among others.


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Tips for taking part in job events

Once you have decided to attend a job event, it is important that you come preparedMaximize your success at an event with our practical tips:

1 Research the companies that are participating in the event in advance! This allows you to speak to potential employers in a targeted way and increase their interest in you as a candidate.

2 Prepare a short presentation (also known as an elevator pitch) about yourself! This should demonstrate your skills, experience and professional goals in a concise way. This ensures you are always prepared when you introduce yourself to another person.

3 At the event, gather contact details for interesting potential employers, like-minded people and industry experts! A solid network can be very useful to you in the future.

4 Send thank you emails to people who interested you! Thank them for the exchange to show your dedication. This leaves a good impression.

Our conclusionJob events offer an interactive environment for you to network with potential employees and colleagues face-to-face and in a straightforward way, as well as gather information and gain concrete job offers. A fantastic opportunity in the job searching jungle – a clear recommendation from our editors. Entry is free in most cases. Depending on the event, it might be necessary to register beforehand.


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