Career in one click: Here are the 4 best job apps for your job search


Job searches have long since gone digital and job apps are flooding the German job market. Fast and uncomplicated! That’s the app providers’ promise to job seekers. Perfect for anyone who wants to be flexible and independent

The advantages are obvious. Job apps offer a user-friendly application platform in pocket format. Advanced algorithms provide you with personalized job recommendations via smartphone, which you can apply for with just a few clicks. This saves you time when looking for a job, you don’t miss any application deadlines and you can apply in just a few seconds - wherever you are.

But which job app can actually do what? And which app is best for me? We’ll tell you. Check out the most popular job apps for the German market and find the best tool for your next career step!

truffls: find jobs the Tinder way

truffls relies on an innovative concept that turns the job search into a swipe-based process. Similar to the dating app Tinder, you create a profile once and the job app suggests jobs that suit you. 

If a job appeals to you, swipe right (otherwise swipe left) and your profile will be forwarded directly to the company. If the company is impressed by your profile, it’s a match. The integrated Messenger will now connect you to the company and you can communicate directly with each other. 

hokify: real-time job alerts

With hokify, the best way to start your job search is to share your location on your smartphone and select one of the 17 specified sectors. Ping! You’ll receive the first job offers straight away, and can then refine these search results using the filter. From now on, job alerts will inform you in real time whenever a job is posted that suits you. 

If a job appeals to you, swipe right and create a job application with just a few clicks. As a special feature, you can make an application video in selfie format. However, this is not a must. If the company likes your application, they will get in touch with you directly through the app. 

MeetFrank: anonymous and non-discriminating

When you register with MeetFrank , you’ll answer relevant questions that are crucial for your job (skills, motivation, career aspirations, career step, expected salary, etc.) . Personal data such as age, gender or nationality is not requested. You now have access to a large number of jobs that match your qualifications. If you like a position, you’ll be connected to the company. 

Vice versa, companies also use the app to search for suitable candidates for their job openings based on skills and the like. So it's quite possible that you could be found as well. However, the job app will only allow these companies to start a chat with you if you have expressly and individually agreed to this.

Indeed app: clear and simple

Indeed has already established itself as a job application platform on the web. However, it’s easier to use the app on your smartphone. You simply upload your application documents once and define your job search. You’ll then receive push messages informing you of new job openings. If a job appeals to you, you can apply with just one click.

You’ll then be informed about the status of your application in real time. If you’re successful, you can use Messenger to communicate directly with the company in the job app. A conventional job application process in optimized form!

The wide variety of job apps on the German market offer you the perfect opportunity to target your job search and make it more efficient.  Just decide which app you would prefer to use. All of the recommended apps have all kinds of exciting job openings for you. Simply download the apps free of charge from the App Store on your smartphone. Have fun trying them out! 


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