Career prospects in the energy transition: Green jobs with a future in Berlin

Jobs in der Energiewende

Berlin is not only an exciting metropolis, but also a pioneer when it comes to the energy transition. The city has set the ambitious goal of achieving climate-neutrality by 2050 and offers numerous career opportunities and jobs in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable technologies. For Berlin, the energy transition is creating a more liveable environment, along with a dynamic and future-oriented job environment. If you are interested in a green career, Berlin is the ideal place to realise your professional dreams and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Unlike non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, renewable energies are naturally regenerable and hence infinitely available. They harness natural resources like sunlight, wind, water and biomass to generate electrical energy or heat. The great advantage of renewable energies is that they produce virtually no harmful emissions and thus have a low impact on climate change.

Both the city of Berlin and the state of Brandenburg are striving to expand renewable energies. As a flatland, Brandenburg has a favorable environment for generating electricity from wind turbines and is even one of the top German locations for onshore wind energyBerlin, on the other hand, is focusing especially on the expansion of solar energy. Here, the roofs on many buildings in the metropolitan area offer considerable potential for this.

Jobs for a green future in Berlin

The business community is responding to this potential. Companies that used to operate mainly with fossil fuels such as coal and gas are restructuring in light of climate protection efforts and legal requirements. New industries are also emerging – among them the hydrogen and battery industries. But more and more business models and providers are also establishing a footprint in the capital region in the areas of solar, heat pumps and hydrogen storage. All of them potential employers who have jobs waiting for you!

The Berlin-based company Siemens Energy is making its gas turbines H2-ready step by step. Young start-ups such as Theion or betteries are conducting research into next-gen batteries or are focused on their second-life application. Meanwhile, companies like EnpalThermondo and Zolar are developing rental and purchase models for photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. HPS Home Power Solutions offers electricity storage systems that work with hydrogen.  

All of them and the other companies in the green sector have vacancies to meet their significant need for qualified professionals. There is demand for traditional positions such as for tradespersons, fitters, engineers and project managers, but also for completely new job profiles. System mechanics for wind turbines, specialists in battery recycling, development engineers for turbomachinery, digitalisation experts for energy systems, energy consultants, urban planners for sustainable urban development and specialists in building automation are just a few examples. The prospects for jobs in Berlin's energy transition are varied and promising.

Job seekers should educate themselves about the industry and its current trends. Search the internet for companies, organisations, projects and initiatives, visit their websites and respond to vacancies that catch your eye. There are also job portals such as greenjobsbaito or JOBVERDE that specialize on jobs relating to the energy transition and sustainability. You will find what you are looking for on these sites as well. Otherwise we recommend: Network with like-minded people and ask about their career experiences. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing are good for this. Internships or voluntary work are also a productive way to get a taste of new professions. 

If the new jobs require qualifications that you do not yet have, talk to the companies and ask where they can be obtained. You can also acquire many qualifications independently by enrolling in a further education course, a degree course or a certified online course. You will find Berlin’s major providers in the area of further and continuing education here

Challenges in Berlin’s energy transition

The use of renewable energies plays a central role in the capital city region. Berlin-Brandenburg is increasingly relying on wind energy, solar energy and biomass to increase its share of climate-friendly energy sources. Not only does this include the construction of new wind and solar farms, but also the pursuit of innovative projects such as the installation of solar modules on the roofs of public buildings and the promotion of citizen energy cooperatives.

Another focus is on the energy efficiency of buildings. Old buildings are being refurbished to improve energy efficiency, while new building regulations are setting sustainable standards and innovative technologies such as smart grids and intelligent control systems are being implemented. Although this creates a healthier environment, it also comes with fresh challenges in the field of building technology, energy-efficient refurbishment and the development of sustainable technologies.

It is important, for example, that Berlin decarbonises its heating and mobility sectors in order to achieve its voluntary climate targets. The use of renewable electrical energy in these sectors is an important approach here. But in order to be able to make greater use of green hydrogen, among other things, it is urgently necessary to create a suitable infrastructure.

The energy transition even requires comprehensive modernisation of the entire urban energy infrastructure. Outdated grids and distribution systems need to be renewed on the one hand. On the other hand, smart grids and storage technologies must be integrated as a matter of urgency. In addition to investments, this requires close cooperation between energy suppliers, companies and authorities. And again, this will need motivated people to drive Berlin's energy transition forward with their valuable work. Begin your job search now! It will pay off.