Reverse job platforms on trend: get found by top companies here


An innovative trend for job searching has become established in Berlin’s dynamic job market which is turning traditional methods of finding a job on their head. Also known more generally as ‘reverse recruiting’, reverse job platforms score points with a clear strategy: they reverse the application process. Say goodbye to job hunting! Starting today, companies will come to you with their job vacancies.

Save time and other resources by registering yourself on a reverse job platform. Here you will find yourself in a professional environment, where companies can search in a targeted way for top talent like you. All you need to do is create a profile once – and the algorithm does the rest of the work for youAfter that, companies will contact you directly with a concrete job offer. If you like the look of the job, in most cases you will start from the ‘job interview’ stage of the application process. An optimised process for employee and employer alike!

Reverse job platforms allow applicants to display their specific skills, professional interests, technical knowledge and previous projects in a precise way – a trend which more and more classic job searching tools such as Stepstone and Indeed or mobile recruiting platforms like LinkedIn are following. This provides potential employers with a clear insight into your profile as an applicant and promotes efficiency in recruiting, which plays a key part when it comes to highly skilled jobs.

But which of the reverse job platforms is best suited to me? And how exactly does it work? We introduce you to three leaders in the market and their functions. 

Honeypot: tech-focused jobs

Honeypot is among Europe’s leading reverse job platforms in the technology sector. Here, companies such as Zalando and dentolo look for suitable skilled workers. The registration process is straightforward and simple.

You can create a profile in a matter of minutes and a talent success advisor will help you to improve it and become visible in the community. If companies have a suitable job vacancy available, they will contact you directly with information about the salary and details about the relevant tech stack. They will then complete job interviews and decide what company is the best fit for you.

Instaffo: jobs in technology, sales and marketing

With over 1,800 active companies such as HelloFresh and AmazonInstaffo successfully secures new jobs for job searchers. The reverse job platform specialises in jobs within the sectors of technology, sales and marketing.

After you have set up your personal profile with your work experience, skills and desired salary, among other things, you will only be shown jobs from companies that are suited to you. If you are interested in a job, Instaffo will connect you directly to the relevant member of HR within the company via chat. Also: upon request, a talent success manager will support you throughout the application process – for example with preparing for a job interview or optimising your CV. new tech job in 20 days

More than 7,000 companies – including Ecosia and Choco – have already been successful in finding new employees on talent.ioA new job in 20 days – that’s the promise of the reverse job platform.

The first step is to create a profile and provide information about your dream job (role, location, salary, etc.). If your profile matches one of the positions advertised, either the recruiter of the company will get in touch with you directly or you have the opportunity to apply with one click. You decide what you would prefer and which companies you would like to speak to. has your back and delivers all relevant information about the job – for example, details about the salary. You can track all your current application processes at any time in the login area. 


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In a nutshell: reverse job platforms are becoming ever more popular on the German job market. The number of providers is continually growing. Through the specialisation of the platforms to specific groups of professions, the number of applications is reduced from the outset, and you are given fair opportunities in a professional environment. Concentrate on an efficient application process in future instead of the tedious job search. Have fun trying them out!


Do you prefer the conventional way of job searching or want to use these alongside reverse job platforms? Then find your next job on our job portal! There are currently over 15,000 job openings online for the Berlin-Brandeburg region. Discover them now!