My Job at WOM

René Pätznick (28), Embedded Software Engineer

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What exactly do you do within your company?

WOM manufactures medical products for minimally invasive surgery. We mainly produce devices for large companies from all over the world, who then sell our products on the open market. The products are divided into four categories: Cameras & Photonics, Insufflators & Pumps, single-use products (e.g. tubes), and cardiovascular surgical instruments. WOM has branches in Berlin, Orlando, Hong Kong, Ludwigsstadt, and Reichenbach.

I work in one of the two teams in the field of “Insufflators & Pumps”. Currently, I am developing a prototype for a customer in America, who has an exact copy with him there. As such, he is better able to define his requirements and give us regular feedback. In order to realize this process, I am writing a piece of software – both for the user interface and the technical regulatory components – and integrating it into the prototypes. The software will be delivered to the customer and undergo continual revision. As such, he can perform tests on the prototype he has in America, and step by step, we will create a new medical product that satisfies our customer’s needs.

The other tasks involved in my job include writing product requirement documents, defining testing processes, and more. Currently, we are in the early development phase of a product. When this is final, all of us software engineers will get to see for ourselves how the products work in real surgical applications and ensure that the safety standards are maintained. That’s always exciting.

What do you find fascinating about this profession?

Even when I was little, I’ve always had an enthusiasm for technology, and always took things apart to see how they work. (laughs) In doing so, I realized that almost every technical device has software inside, which for me, is the “magic” of each and every device. Be it a laptop, remote control, a home automation device, or a receiver – without software, none of these devices would work.

Ultimately, I turned my passion for technology and software into a career. And it’s stayed that way: it’s important to me to work closely with the hardware. That’s the main difference between my job and, say, that of a web developer. It’s a fascinating feeling to have a finished product in your hand that you developed the software for.

And you know, you could work with software and hardware development in any sector, but in the end, knowing you are making a valuable contribution to society with your work is a very special feeling. With our products, we ensure that patients receive better treatment. This is a fascinating aspect of my job at WOM.

Why did you choose to work for a Berlin-based company?

I was born in Berlin. My family, friends, and girlfriend all live here. For me, there was no reason to leave Berlin. And finding a job at WOM was the best thing that could have happened to me. I feel very content here. We do a lot together as a team. I’m very happy in Berlin, both personally and professionally.


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