My job at the Hotel Palace

Sebastian Hoffmeister (aged 29), Bell Captain

What exactly does your job involve?

I work as the Bell Captain at the Hotel Palace Berlin. The Hotel Palace is a privately-run luxury hotel belonging to the Leading Hotels group - a global alliance of luxury hotels, resorts and spas. We have 278 rooms and suites, spa facilities and numerous large conference rooms.

As Bell Captain, my team and I carry out all of the practical tasks that fall within the remit of Reception. We take care of guests’ luggage, park their cars and are available to provide advice and assistance when guests require information about the hotel or the surrounding area. 

What fascinates you about this job?

It fascinates me that I constantly come across challenging new situations in the course of my everyday duties. Every guest is different and has distinct wishes which I aim to satisfy to the best of my ability each time.

I also particularly appreciate the fact that here at the Hotel Palace we have a good team morale, I’m able to rely on all of my colleagues and we are free to carry out our duties in the way we feel is best.

Why did you choose to work for a company in Berlin?

I’m originally from Paderborn, but I’ve always preferred big cities to the countryside. After completing my training in the hotel trade in Leipzig, I had the opportunity to move to Berlin. I already had relatives who lived here and therefore I seized the opportunity.

I moved to Berlin and I now have my own flat in the Charlottenburg district. Life couldn’t be better.

*Note: Sebastian has moved on professionally in the meantime and is currently no longer working at Hotel Palace Berlin.


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