My job at aventa Personalmanagement GmbH

Vadim Beyer (27), Recruiter

What exactly does your job involve? 

aventa is an HR service provider. We place commercial employees in companies that need to address staff shortages or manage a project. I work in recruitment and deal with application management. I write job ads, seek suitable candidates for our customers’ needs and am the personal contact for all candidates who apply to us. So I make lots of phone calls, write several emails a day, forward applications to our clients and discuss with them whether to invite the respective candidate to an interview. 

What fascinates you about this job?

My job is extremely interesting. Every day is different. I have to be both creative and administrative. I like this interaction between automation and creativity. Be it candidates or colleagues – I get to work with people every day, which I really enjoy. I also appreciate the informal atmosphere at aventa. There is minimum pressure. I like it when we make progress as a team. That is what motivates me.

Why did you choose to work in Berlin?

I was born in Berlin-Neukölln, but moved to Bernau in 1998. After my A levels, I returned to the city to study. I briefly considered moving to Cologne, but as I was in a happy relationship, I decided to stay in Berlin. It was a good decision. I am originally from Berlin, I love the city and am close to my family. Berlin is simply my home, and I enjoy living here.


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