Ulla Fiedler (age 23)

loves the many facets of Berlin.

Where do you work?

I work with the social media team at ZEPTER&KRONE, which is a creative company in Berlin that specializes in strategic marketing. As a social media editor, I supervise the communities of our partner companies. I share new content, keep track of the activities within the community, respond to positive and negative comments, make sure that all members feel comfortable, and I keep close contact with the people in charge at our clients' companies. Social media is a very fast paced area. For this reason, I would definitely consider it one of today's most exciting fields in marketing.

Why did you choose Berlin?

My spirit of adventure and the search for new challenges have led me here. After attending college in Vienna, I felt like experiencing new things, and I imagined Berlin to be an exciting, young and modern place. The idea I had about Berlin was that it it was some kind of an urban jungle, in which I can try out new things and gather new experiences.

Who or what made your situation easier when you first got to Berlin?

The first people I connected with were my roommates, who immediately welcomed me into their own circles of friends. That way, I was able to make many connections relatively quickly. My roommates and I used to organize cooking events in the evenings quite frequently, and that made me feel comfortable even after just a short time in Berlin. I also often explored the city by myself, which helped me meet and connect with all kinds of new people. During my time off, I passionately work on my fashion and lifestyle blog, and so my strolls through the city of Berlin have always been focused on finding new inspiration and photo subjects. Arriving all alone in a strange city has definitely encouraged my personal development.

What do you love about Berlin?

The diversity and energy of the city. There are many different sides to Berlin and it's exactly that particular mix of cultures and impressions that makes the city so special to me.

If you could give advice to somebody who is new to Berlin, what would you say?

Walk through the city with open eyes and embark on a journey of discovery. I can only recommend going to a café or a park just by yourself, observing the hustle and bustle, and talking to the people who live there. 

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Nico from Prignitz

Nico moved to Berlin from the Prignitz region and now works successfully as an IT security consultant. He appreciates the opportunities Berlin offers.