Stephen Collopy (age 32) 

likes the History of Berlin and its Culture.

Where do you work?

I work as Senior Tech Recruiter at GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide is a Berlin start-up through which one can book guided tours and other tourist activities online and over an app. Our offerings make it easier for people to gather information about the countries and cities which they are visiting. 

My mission within the company is to find the best technical experts around the world and inspire them to come to work for GetYourGuide. To do this, I conduct research online, speak to many people, and constantly look at what’s new to determine whether a specialist and our company would make a perfect match. 

Why did you choose Berlin?

While growing up in South Africa, I had the good fortune to have already lived in many countries around the world. Most recently was Northern Europe. But Berlin has always been of special interest to me. The history and culture of this city are simply fascinating. I didn’t have to deliberate long when I saw the job announcement from GetYourGuide. Sensational company, sensational city!

What is it you love about Berlin?

There is just so much to discover. Whether it be theater, museums, restaurants, or nature – Berlin has it all. The people here are very friendly and supportive. I arrived in Berlin just over a month ago and I already feel right at home.

Who or what made your initial time in Berlin easier?

GetYourGuide and the relocation agent they contracted assisted me immensely. That relieved the stress of moving and arriving here considerably – especially when it came to subjects like taxes or health insurance. Additionally, I already knew a couple of people here and they helped me explore the city.

What tip would you give a new arrival in Berlin?

Experience as much as you possibly can! Berlin has so much to offer. Install the GetYourGuide app on your phone. Our app will help you get oriented in the city. I have booked several tours myself. What a positive experience!


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