Marcus Abramowski (aged 33)

believes that Berlin is the best city for athletes.

Where do you work?

I’m a boxing coach at the federal training center for boxing in Berlin, and I’m supported by the German army as part of funding for elite sport. This means that I’m employed by the German army, which makes me available to the Deutscher Boxsport-Verband (the German boxing federation). And they appointed me as head of the federal training center here in Berlin.

As part of my job, I train a group of five athletes. One of them is currently taking part in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games. Besides this, I’m responsible for the administrative management of the federal training center – such as applying for training resources, fixing training facility schedules, and organizing training camps. I’m also involved with the German army. I support the Deutscher Boxsport-Verband (the German boxing federation) in the coordination of elite athletes.  

Why did you choose Berlin?

I came to Berlin when I was five and grew up here. However, as part of my elite sports career, I lived and trained in Heidelberg for many years. When I got the opportunity to become a coach, I had a strong urge to return to Berlin. This is where my roots are, and boxing has the best prospects in the whole of Germany here because of the variety of opportunities that Berlin offers. 

What do you love about Berlin?

Berlin is just unbelievably diverse. Especially for athletes. One day you can go climbing, the next you can go swimming, the day after that, boxing. There’s everything in a small area here. That is unique. 

Who or what helped you to settle in when you first arrived in Berlin?

What’s great about sports is that you have a strong network. The Olympiastützpunkt Berlin (the Olympic training center in Berlin) gave me a lot of support when I came back. But the Berliner Box-Verband (the Berlin boxing federation) also helped me out a lot, in terms of getting my job and developing personally.

If you could give someone who’s new to Berlin one tip, what would it be?

Take time to get to know the city! I’ve been here a long time, but I’m still learning new things and being surprised every single day. Get out there and discover Berlin!


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