Kerstin Ehrig-Wettstaedt (aged 44)

thinks that Berlin is a fascinating city.

Where do you work?

I’m the Managing Director of Ehrig GmbH in Berlin. Ehrig GmbH is an office systems house. We offer companies services in the fields of IT, printing systems, and photocopying systems. We advise our clients, formulate solutions, sell and set up equipment, and offer an after-sales service. 

I run the company with my cousin. We take charge of different areas. I’m responsible for IT – from purchasing to sales to service. My day-to-day work involves devising strategies, having lots of discussions with clients and staff, as well as other meetings.

Why did you choose Berlin?

I studied in Berlin, and after finishing my degree in business administration I moved to Hamburg for three years. I worked for a large IT company there. But then an opportunity came up to get into the family business in Berlin. I seized this chance straight away and came back to Berlin. It was a good decision.

What do you love about Berlin?

Berlin is a fascinating city. This is where it’s all happening. Theaters, museums, events – there’s always something going on here. 

If you could give someone who’s new to Berlin one tip, what would it be?

Be aware that Berliners wear their hearts on their sleeves! They live up to their reputation of being outspoken and perhaps a little blunt. Berliners tell it like it is. This can sometimes offend people. But don’t be put off. It’s certainly never meant in a spiteful way. 

And if you visit Berlin sometime, I have another fantastic tip: view Berlin from above! I enjoy the view from the Funkturm (TV tower). You get a great view of the whole city from the Funkturm – both during the day and at night. And you can have something delicious to eat at the same time!


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