Hassan Shahriyari (31)

appreciates the freedom and acceptance found in Berlin.

Where do you work?

I am a biological technical assistant (BTA) at MDI Limbach in Berlin. We are a medical laboratory and examine patient samples that are sent to us. I work in the molecular diagnostics department, looking at pathogenic agents at the molecular level.

Why did you choose Berlin?

I come from Iran originally and about 15 years ago came on a trip to Europe with my family. Berlin was my favourite part of this trip. There was an immediate spark between us. I quickly decided that I had to live and study here. And so I moved to Berlin 8 years ago.

What do you love about Berlin?

I appreciate the freedom and acceptance found in Berlin. Here you can live however you want to live. No matter who you are nor where you come from - in Berlin you will find acceptance and tolerance.

Who or what helped you to settle in when you first arrived in Berlin?

During my first semester at university I got to know one of my fellow students. We were in the same class. He asked me to help him out with a “German for Refugees” course. Working together with him saw me build my first circle of friends. We remain best friends to this day.

If you could give someone who’s new to Berlin one tip, what would it be?

Forget your previous experiences and be open to new things! In Berlin, you will have a whole range of new experiences. Prepare yourself!

One more tip: Learn German! You can get along quite well with English in Berlin, but being able to speak German will be a definite advantage.


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