David Nixon (age 44)

loves to live in a place where he can always discover something new.

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Where do you work?

I work at Wooga as Lead Product Manager. Wooga develops free-to-play mobile games. I have the ideas and create the teams that develop those ideas with me; I then work on the game as long as it continues to be played.

Why Berlin?

Wooga was definitely why I moved to Berlin. I've known Jens, the founder of Wooga, for almost eight years. I met him at a previous job. Three years ago, I mentioned to Jens that I would like to switch to Wooga, and now here I am. However, I spent a summer in Berlin with my wife and two children before moving here. We had such a great time, it reinforced our idea to come here. Berlin is an exciting city.

Who or what helped you when you first came to Berlin?

I'd have to say... Wooga, in particular, supported me, especially with all the formalities and the logistics of the move. I had three months to plan the move, find the right neighborhood and an apartment for me and my family. Wooga was always by my side during those three months. Since I had already worked for the company as a freelancer from time to time, I already knew some people in Berlin. I was always able to ask someone if I didn't know something. Everyone was very helpful.

What do you love about Berlin?

I just love to live in a place where you can discover small and unique shops, galleries and restaurants wherever you go. My wife and I run several hours every week through the city, just gathering impressions. Berlin never feels overcrowded – there's enough room for everything and everyone.

If you could give a new Berlin resident a tip, what would it be?

That situation just came up actually – two friends of mine have just moved from the US to Berlin. The advice I gave them was: Be prepared in the event that your things get delayed – have at least the bare minimum of what you'll need your first few weeks! It's important to have a place you can call "home" while you're waiting for your things to arrive. And it takes time to move from overseas. I also have a personal gourmet tip – eat a piece of cake at "Princess Cheesecake" in Berlin-Mitte! So delicious.

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Nico from Prignitz

Nico moved to Berlin from the Prignitz region and now works successfully as an IT security consultant. He appreciates the opportunities Berlin offers.