The sensation from Berlin: high-tech blades from Gilette

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What is small, sharp and found in many bathrooms? Correct, a razor - the faithful companion of every early bird and morning grouch. Every day, when we stand in front of the mirror, it is our day-to-day hero for silky smooth skin. Now you might think that razors and Berlin do not have a lot in common. But that is not true. Because a true innovation has been produced in the capital for decades: the razor blades ‘Made in Berlin’ by Gillette - manufactured at Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Berlin GmbH.

The company has been manufacturing premium Gillette razor blades with unique expertise and precision for more than 85 years at its site in Berlin-Tempelhof. The production has not only a long tradition, but also generates groundbreaking innovations and new technologies again and again. Each blade meets the highest standards and provides a superior shaving experience.

About Procter & Gamble

P&G was founded 185 years ago as a simple soap and candle factory. Today the company is the biggest consumer goods company in the world and supplies nearly five billion people with its own brands, which include classics such as Pampers, Ariel, Pantene, Swiffer, Oral-B, Wick und also Gillette. The first prototype of a Gilette razor was created in 1901. Since then, razor products have been further developed with innovative technology. The production location in Berlin-Tempelhof is the specialist when it comes to the production of high-quality and razor sharp bladesFor 85 years they have been produced here with success. At the same time, production technology and equipment at the Berlin plant have been constantly advancing.

The innovation of the razor blade

In 1901 King C. Gillette had the revolutionary idea of a disposable blade. A full 56 years later the first customizable razor came onto the market. An innovation! The blades immediately adapt to the face of the person shaving. Having started with three blades, today’s Gillette razors have up to five individual blades and a moveable blade head. The blades stand for precision as well as sharpness and are produced in the heart of Berlin - for the Gillette FUSION5 and SKINGUARD models, among others.

Work at Procter & Gamble

As an employer, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Berlin GmbH sees the potential of each individual employee and benefits from its highly diverse workforce. There are 28 nationalities at the site in Berlin and that is a great asset for the successful company. The the promotion of women for management positions and encouraging women to enter positions through training are just as much a priority as the continued qualification of older employees in the use of future technologies. As a team everyone is very proud of their blades ‘Made in Berlin’. P&G puts a focus on sustainability and offers further education and training opportunities for a variety of professions, and a wide range of subsequent employment and further development opportunities.

The company is always interested in hiring exceptional people from different professional backgrounds. P&G relies on competent employees who want to hit the ground running and contribute their strengths from day one. We are currently looking for a Process Engineer Plastics (m/f/d) and Interns in the areas of Human Resources and Production/Engineering! Its worth taking a look at the Careers page


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