Tabitha Goodall

Freelance Software Engineer | From Oxford, UK | Moved to Berlin in 2011

What’s freelancing like in Berlin?

As a freelance developer in Berlin, I’ve worked with some great clients. One of my favorites was a startup called Heycar. They had a lot of resources and were growing fast, which was perfect. We were working in Hackescher Markt, which was a vibrant, fun and exciting place to work.

What kind of teams do you work with?

The office language is usually English. I’ve worked with diverse teams, with people from Ireland, Brazil, Turkey and Romania. That creates a strong spirit of camaraderie and community, which I really enjoy. For me, a good team is as important as working with the latest technologies.

Is it hard to find work?

It’s not as easy to find freelance contracts as it is to find full time employment. Many companies prefer to hire full time employees. However, if you prefer having time between jobs for other interests or to go traveling, it can work out nicely.

What do you do between jobs?

When I’m between contracts I like to do a lot of art. The break gives me the perfect opportunity to explore that more deeply. I wouldn’t call this a job; it’s another important part of my life.

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