Elham Mirzaei (age 28)

loves the contrasts in Berlin.

Where do you work?

I work as a Robotics Engineer in the Research and Development Department of InSystems Automation GmbH in Berlin. InSystems Automation specializes in the production of customized automation technology. Since 2012, the company has been developing AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) under the “proANT” brand.

My research project concentrates on the firm’s future products. We're always developing new features that can be easily and safely integrated into our systems. The focus is on ensuring that our robots will be able to communicate with each other without human assistance in future. To achieve this, I’m constantly working on the robots’ software architecture. To advance this process, I attend various workshops and conduct many internal and external conference calls with colleagues, as well as with education and industry partners. Together, we’re working on indoor and outdoor robots that will ultimately deliver parcels or food, for example. It's very exciting!

Why did you choose Berlin?

To be honest, I never specifically planned to come to Berlin. But I'm very glad I did. I studied in Turin and applied for several internships outside of Italy, including at InSystems Automation. Fortunately, my application was accepted and it all worked out. Here I am. 

Who or what made your initial time in Berlin easier?

The day I signed my employment contact with InSystems Automation was a special day – it was my birthday. It was a completely new start for me, full of new impressions and expectations. I didn't know anyone in Berlin. My first contacts were my colleagues, who always supported me whenever I needed help.

What do you like about Berlin?

Berlin is a city for people with a variety of interests. Whether you like art, sport, industry or clubbing – you can experience all of this in Berlin. On the other hand, Berlin also has beautiful natural surroundings where you can really relax. I love these contrasts. Berlin is extremely international and connects people from all over the world.

If you could give one tip to anyone who has newly arrived in Berlin, what would it be?

Visit Berlin before moving here and discover the city away from the world of work! That’s exactly what I did. I flew to Berlin, went to a concert and explored the city with friends. We had so much fun. I think it's important to establish an early positive connection to the city where you're going to live.


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