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As a company located in Berlin or Brandenburg, you have the chance to make yourself visible as an employer on Talent Berlin. The Talent Services team helps you with the Business Immigration Service (or BIS for short) when applying for residency or work permits, as well as with recruiting and onboarding new employees. We connect you to personnel services providers, universities and training agencies in Berlin. You can contact us at any time at Schedule a personal consultation for all your questions related to human resources.

Your options at Talent Berlin

Recruitment events

When you are planning an in-house recruitment event, we would be happy to publish it on our portal and promote the event on social media. To do so, we need a brief description with the date, location and time, as well as information about the target demographic of the event. We will create an entry for you in under the “Current recruitment events” category and make it live.

Recruitment fairs

The Talent Services team represents Berlin at national and international recruitment fairs. You have the option of becoming a location partner. Contact us via talent@berlin-partner. If you have your own fair stand, let us know. We will post your fair information on our social media networks.

Social Media

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Job posting

We will post your job offers on our social media networks. If possible, send us a photo of the workstations in your company, the headquarters, your product or the team. Place the relevant job offer on our online job market and send the link with photo to us with the request to post. You can reach us at


Send us your personal statement on working and living in Berlin – what is special about it for you, what are your experiences in the capital city, how is your day-to-day working life, what makes Berlin a special place to work for you? We will place this statement on our social media networks with your name and company. Send an email with your statement, your position in the company, a photo if applicable (see the specifications above) and the express approval for publication to

Company profile

We post the most significant facts about your company (foundation, number of employees, product info, etc.) on our social media networks – your chance to introduce yourself to our community quickly. Send information and a photo (see specifications above) as well as express approval for publication to

Job stories

In our #berlinjobs section, Berliners talk about their day-to-day working life and what fascinates them about their job in a Berlin-based company. New employees apply to work at your company via the job stories. We link to your company and introduce it in a photo slideshow. Click on our job stories information site, copy the questions into an email and send the responses to

We will get in touch with you and schedule an appointment for an interview and photos. 

Successful arrival

In our Successful arrival section, new Berliners explain why they chose Berlin and how they mastered their new start in the capital city. We will ask participants about their workplace, among other things, and name and link to your company. Click on our information page, copy the questions into an email and send the responses to

We will get in touch with you and schedule an appointment for an interview and photos.

Welcome bags

Our welcome bags contain information for newly arrived employees. The exclusive Berlin notebook cover contains various brochures, a welcome letter from the mayor and current giveaways. 

Order via email (; specify the number of bags and let us know which language you require for the information material for your employees (German or English). We will send them to you.

Welcome tours

In terms of “Working and living in Berlin”, we offer guided welcome tours in English away from the typical tourist attractions – a free offer for your new employees. The tour includes two stops at a typical weekly market in Berlin for the group and the guide.

Registration and current tour dates

EURES Network

EURES Netzwerk

Since September 1, 2022, Berlin Partner is part of the EURES network. Our common goal is to create a Europe-wide exchange to attract talents. EURES provides you as a company with more visibility. The network supports with target group specific consulting and the Europe-wide search for talents.

You also have the opportunity to use the free job board and to be present as a company and employer at various career events (on- and offline). Interested? Then please contact us by e-mail at! We will inform you about the opportunities and offers.