Deborah Choi

Co-Founder Bosque & Co-Organizer Tech in Colour | From New York, USA | Moved to Berlin in 2016

What makes Berlin feel like home for you?

I grew up in small town America. I was the only black person for much of my education and that can make it hard to feel a sense of home. What’s very special for me about Berlin is the diversity. I don’t stand out. I have this tribe around me from different places and perspectives.

What’s it like being an entrepreneur in Berlin?

One thing that is exciting about being in Berlin is that it truly is a startup capital in Europe. There are a lot of investors, funds, angel investors anchored here. And, if you’re a founder that wants to build a diverse team with different experience, you can do it here too.

How else can you fulfill your purpose in Berlin?

Outside of being a mum and running a startup I also am a co-organizer of Tech in Color, a platform for female founders who have faced obstacles due to their race or ethnicity. It is now supported by a few amazing organizations including Google Startup and London & Partners.

What do you say to those considering Berlin?

I would say to anyone who’s watching this and thinking about moving to Berlin, just do it. I know it sounds crazy because moving countries means a lot of goodbyes and bureaucracy. But if there’s a city that’s worth it, it’s Berlin, because you will find your group, you will find your tribe.

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