Baris Uygur

Founder, Interdictum | From Istanbul, Turkey | Moved to Berlin in 2019

Is moving to Berlin complicated?

The German Chamber of Commerce and Berlin Partner were extremely helpful with my move to Berlin. I think the whole transition took less than three weeks. It’s a miracle if you think about the bureaucratic process in any other country. German bureaucracy is very smooth; don’t believe the stereotype.

How does Berlin compare with other cities?

Berlin has more flair than other German cities. I lived in Munich for a year, and it was only after eight months that I realized that it is a beautiful city. It is not immediately welcoming. But Berlin is a welcoming city. It’s just its nature, I believe.

Do you see Berlin as a city of freedom and equality?

In Berlin, I see friendship. I see brotherhood or sisterhood. I don’t feel excluded; I feel equal. Berlin is a free city. And freedom is something that you do not realize that you need. Unless you lose it. If you are free, you will not realize that you are free.

Is it easy for you to work here?

Berlin is one of the very few cities in the world where you can find almost anything you need. For instance, I can find a Turkish literary agent here and also French publishers. You don’t have that kind of luxury anywhere else. It is like a 365-day publishing trade fair.

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